Elderly and Others Hit Hard by the Government Shutdown in Minnesota

“The two week long stand still of the Minnesota government is wrecking havoc in both the private and public sectors. Hardest hit of the thousands of businesses effected could be the state’s nursing home and elderly population. Elderly people are now getting notice that nursing home workers could be deemed nonessential which could cause the closure of state funding nursing homes. The elderly are being told that if the shutdown is extended, they could lose their health care benefits. Some 2 million government jobs could be at stake in the wake of the shutdown, including jobs at nursing homes that house the elderly. If the doors of nursing homes close, other nursing homes and hospitals may become over crowded, or there may be no where to go for certain seniors who will be at a complete loss without their health care benefits.

Many nurses and RNs are set to get their walking papers. Notice of lay-offs will be sent out mid-June to registered nurses. Nearly 800 hospital nurses are expecting to be sent the lay-off notices this month. A shortage of nurses, and the inability of new nurses to obtain their licenses could cause a health care crisis in the state.

A hot line for the elderly that assists them in any type of emergency or non emergency situation is now out of order. Simple staples that people have come to rely upon are no longer being manned by state employees and all nonessential workers of the state government are now wondering how they will support their own families.

The $5 billion deficit the state faces is the culprit that has caused the major shutdown. Lawmakers are at a standstill at how best to appropriate funding and taxes in order to correct the current budget pitfalls. This problem is effecting millions of people in Minnesota from the elderly, to businesses, to the state funded parks and everywhere in between. The problem is likely to grow if some kind of resolve is not reached between the current governor and the legislature. If the state continues it’s downward spiral, many more services will be termed non-essential and people will be at a loss in just about every corner of the state.”

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Important Things to Look For When Searching For a Nursing Home

Nursing home – the best option for old, disabled and senile people who need constant attention and have significant difficulty managing on their own. Here, such people will be under the supervision of professionals who will monitor them and know how exactly to respond to situations. This level of care and attention might not be possible if such people are left in the care of relatives and children and they are often neglected. So a nursing home is a good solution that will augur well for the well-being of the person.

nursing home

The lifestyle of the inmates is a routine that is designed based on scientific study and the expert opinion of qualified doctors and physiotherapists. Unlike the outside world, the inmates here are under constant supervision and are thus prevented from indulging in harmful activities like smoking and excessive drinking. Besides, a nursing home will offer a better shot at social life for the disabled and old. In the outside world, such people often find it difficult to adjust as a direct consequence of their disability or whatever condition they have and this prevents them from having normal interaction with people. Loneliness and isolation is a major issue, even for normal people.

If you have a relative you think needs to join a nursing home, then make sure you pick out a good one based on certain things you have to watch out for. Price is one of them. Remember that the costliest one is not necessarily the best one. Observe the place and make sure it has acceptable standards of cleanliness and hygiene. It should not be too crowded and noisy. And does the home have the required medical facilities, adequate beds? And are the beds big and comfortable enough and not too many cramped in one room? And do not forget to check out the toilet facilities.

Who is running the place? Are there enough staff available at hand? Are there enough doctors and nurses to attend to the inmates? What is the staff to inmate ratio? And are they qualified? Does the nursing home look well-maintained or is it shabby and neglected? If the person is suffering from a specific disability, then is there a specialist to attend to that? Apart from the above, also look at the general layout of the place to help you decide whether it is good. Finding a well-maintained place might cost you but it is a price worth paying.

Summary: A nursing home will be the ideal haven for a person who needs constant medical supervision. But the nursing home you pick must have all the requisite facilities and infrastructure.

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